Past campaigns
What have we done so far (page is in progress)
Gathering donations during the Makivka Christmas concert
We collected 12 bags of donations and got 267 euros donations
We bought 10 of them and it means 10 people don't have to sleep on the floor anymore.
80 sets has reached Iron Fist (Chernihiv) and everything went to Ukraine defenders!🇺🇦
We were able to buy
- 99 tourniquets
- 15 Occlusive Dressings and hemostatic gauze
- Various medicine including painkillers and cold relief medicine
We collected 26 crates (312 kg) of essential food and hygiene supplies which were sorted, packed and sent to Ukraine
Video report of sorting and packing
A month ago we bought benches for school shelter and all remaining money went to buy sketchbooks and pencils for little ones, who just started the school.
26.08.23 and 27.08.23
We raised 1000 euros by selling our merch which was done by our coordinators, sponsors and guests of our center.
26.08.23 and 27.08.23
Selling physical donations to raise money for Happy Paw foundation at Lucht Popup Event, Amsterdam
We raised 1000 euros by selling physical donations which were donated by guests of our center.
Our dear volunteer Olena went above and beyond by personally delivering a substantial aid package to Ukraine. She distributed blankets and towels to the hospital in Zaporizhzhia, provided medical supplies such as systems and syringes to the hospital in Kharkiv. For the victims of the Kherson dam collapse, she delivered numerous household items. Olena also contributed bed sheets, towels, and men's t-shirts to the volunteering center in Zaporizhzhia. Not to forget, she collected and transported enormous amount of pet food and many pet goods, which she delivered to private shelters in Kharkiv and to those who is caring for street animals.
Purchased furniture for the bomb shelter at the 82nd Gymnasium in Kharkiv.
Finished campaign for babies in palliative care at Boyarka hospital, Kyiv region.
Our dear sponsors brought us the goods for the kids. We sorted it, packed it and it was delivered to Brovary
We bought Sich tourniquets for our partners Sich
Thanks to Zeilen van Vrijheid which made this delivery
We raised 433 euros and spent them for tourniquets Sich.
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Our promo
Participating in a picnic with a goal to increase awareness about war in Ukraine and our organisation
After selling merch on the event we got money which we used to buy tourniquets
That day we were honored to participate at event Songs For Ukraine. We raised 720 euros by selling our merch (bought tourniquets), heard beautiful Ukrainian artists and got so many positive emotions. Also we got a donation 500 euros from organizers.
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Thanks Zeilen van Vrijheid for delivery!
Ordered 100 repellents
Purchase was done for our partners Sich and delivered to defenders
Bought hacks for defenders
Hacks are used to make trenches
Sent pet food and accessories to Ukraine
Ordered repellents, T-shirts and underwear (374 euro)
Purchase was done for our partners Sich and delivered to defenders
Medicine was provided to defenders
Sent boxes of gloves, food, generator
Thank you for such great help our dear volunteers and customers who purchased all these goods. Everything was sent to Ukraine
Thanks Zeilen van Vrijheid for delivery!
100% from our merch goes to buy goods for Ukraine
We purchased 86 tourniquets for our dear partner Sich
Post from our partner
Event was organised by Zeilen van Vrijheid
We accepted, sorted and sent: children clothes, toys for small kids, clothes and accessorizes for pregnant
We accepted, sorted and sent: simple medical equipment, hygiene.
We collected, sorted, packed, and sent sweets, plushes, and educational toys to our partners True Help and they provided it to the kids. You can watch a video how was it.
We have bough 57 raincoats for Ukrainian defenders
Sent tourniquets to Bahmut
Raincoats for defenders
The raincoats were delivered to Bahmut
Sending goods to Ukraine
We sent hygiene products, warm socks, plaids, sleeping bags, powerbancks to Ukraine! Thx Zeilen van Vrijheid for delivery
Provided hygiene products at our location
We sent 15 boxes of food and 4 boxes of rain jackets and sleeping bags to Ukraine! Thx Zeilen van Vrijheid for delivery
Sending goods to the kids hospital #5 in Kharkiv
We sent pillows, plaids, clothes
We joined our efforts with True Help Foundation and bought several things for the children's hospice in Kharkiv. Among other things, we have ordered 2 patient transfer belts. Each belt costs 199€. That was all possible thanks to donation we received from Victoria Hoogland and Medialoft
Raising money for ongoing campaigns
Raised 255 euros
We bought tourniquets, medicine (mostly bandages and gauze) and collect a bit of other things (food, sleeping bags etc). Everything is in Ukraine already!

We also donated 1000€ to help raising money for the volunteers bus. This bus is needed to deliver humanitarian aid to where it is needed the most.

To be continued...
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