Ongoing Campaigns
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Towels are the unsung things of our daily lives. From the morning shower to evening relaxation, they play a vital role in our comfort and hygiene. These simple, yet indispensable, linens keep us dry, clean, and cozy.
Heroes also need towels and comfort. We're starting to raise money to buy towels for solders in one of the hospitals in Ukraine.
We need approximately 900 euros to purchase 100 large body towels and 100 foot towels.
Your contribution matters. Help us raise funds for this worthy cause. Donate today or spread the word about our fundraiser!
Permanent campaign
We constantly buy medicine and tactical medical equipment. It's one of the most vital things during the war. Did you know, for example, that combat tourniquets (devices to stop blood loss) increase survival rates from 18% to nearly 90%? 🤯
We raise funds to buy tourniquets (we particularly buy SICH tourniquets 15 euro each in Ukraine and CAT GEN7 in Europe), medications, and consumables (gauze, bandages, etc).
You can save lives.
Permanent call
We have a merchandise shop where 100% of the profits go towards purchasing goods for Ukraine. The items in our shop are created by our coordinators, volunteers, Ukrainian and Dutch masters, Ukrainian refugees, supporters and sponsors. If you would like to donate your handmade goods, just send us a message
Monthly payment
Every month, we pay 190 euros for rent. This place serves as both a storage facility and a welcoming space for Ukrainian refugees to access what they need and connect with each other.
You can bring physical donations to Louwesweg 401, 1066EA, Amsterdam. Before coming please check our working hours, they can vary.
Contact us:
Stichting Volunteers with no limits
Louwesweg 401
1066 EA, Amsterdam