Unfortunately we were asked to vacate our building as of 25.04.2024. We are urgently looking for new place in Amsterdam! Do you know any? Please write us to info@vw-nl.org

Our current location at Louwesweg will be closed starting from 31.03.2024. Starting 08.03.2024 we do not accept clothes or any large-sized donation. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Volunteers with no limits - Ukrainian Help center in Amsterdam

We help Ukraine

Established in February 2022, "Volunteer with no limits" rose in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the onset of the war we immediately gathered dire necessities in the Netherlands for Ukraine. Even though we are a small local initiative, we continue to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine as well as providing help for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. Since February we've helped more than 2230 Ukrainians and Ukrainian families and this number grows every week.

Make a donation

With your donations we buy essential goods for Ukraine - medication, food, baby food, hygienic product for children and adults.
When it's possible we buy directly in Ukraine to support Ukrainian economy and save time and money on logistics. Our financial reports are publicly available.

How you can help

Every effort is priceless and we really appreciate any help you can provide. As a self-running local centre, we do not have any government or permanent business support.
We reach out to our online social media network in hopes of receiving monetary support or donations. However, this is not enough. The demand is always higher than what we collect.
Please check our list of needs for Ukraine and for the refugees arrived in the Netherlands. We update the list according to the actual needs.
We are constantly raising money for necessities, such as food and medicine. Unfortunately there is still a great need and it's not covered yet.
At the moment, we are searching for a new location. You can help us by sharing our post or by suggesting any useful information.

Requirements for the new space are:
- access 24/7
- accessible with a public transport
- big enough for storage and providing goods for Ukrainian refugees (70-100m2)
- electricity/water
- preferably Amsterdam
- free of charge or super low price


Humanitarian aid has been collected and sent to Ukraine
Has been collected and spent directly on humanitarian aid
Ukrainian families/Ukrainians received help in our center in Amsterdam
Workshops and lectures were held for adults and children


We want to thank all the people who donated goods and supported Ukraine financially, those who helped us with local and external logistics and people who supported us in the media. It would not be possible without your help!

Who we are

We are self-running non-profit organisation. All this amazing work is done by a group of the volunteers who contribute their time to help those in need. We want to thank every volunteer who works in our center, there are 10+ volunteers behind the scene.
We will appreciate your support in any comfortable for you way.
  • Evgeniia
    Head of VWNL
  • Natalia
    Treasurer and merchandise shop manager
  • Ann
  • Julia
    SMM coordinator
  • Kateryna
  • Elena
  • Karina
  • Maxim 
    Transport Coordinator
Collection point and help centEr
You can bring goods to the collection point during working hours without any appointment.
If you come from Ukraine you can receive clothes, bed and kitchen linen, books, children items (beds, playing mats), toys, small kitchen appliance and anything else if they are in stock in our center. It varies depending on what people bring to our center.
Contact us:
Stichting Volunteers with no limits

Stichting Volunteers with no limits
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